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One of your most important marketing tools at a craft show is your booth presentation. It only takes a few seconds for your potential customer to decide whether to walk by or to enter your booth. Getting their attention quickly is essential and your booth needs to entice curiosity and interest in your product. There are several essential elements to consider. Read the rest of this entry

FREE Business Cards! WOW! When you are starting or growing your own business, budget and expenses are almost always on your mind. Juggling limited funds and making sure your money is being spent in the most effective places, is definitely a priority. And while things like advertising and business cards are really important, they are often left until later as they are expensive and don’t directly generate income.

One area where you can save some money is on your business cards. Several years ago, a good friend of ours who owns and operates several small businesses, told us about Vistaprint. We had commented on how well and professionally done his business card was and he proceeded to show us several cards, one for each of his businesses. He told us how he had ordered them online for free and paid only the shipping charges to get them.

The site is very easy to navigate and allows you to pick from hundreds of card templates. We were amazed at the number of themes and styles available. Once you have decided on a style, it is just a matter of entering your company name, address, phone number, website and email address. Once you are happy with the look of the card, you proceed to the check out and place your order. Your order for 250 cards is FREE and you only pay for shipping. We always choose the “slow mail” option which warns that delivery can be as long as 21 days but we have rarely waited for more than a week to receive the parcel.

And business cards are not the only thing available. We’ve ordered return address labels, postcards and even fridge magnets, all with the same design that we used for our business cards. There are even 3-part fold out brochures available with a small set up fee. But once the brochure has been designed and set-up, you only pay the shipping charges each time you order them. The FREE quantities allowed are different for each item but you can always reorder.

After your first order has been placed, your templates are available in your history file and you can reorder any time, including right after you’ve just placed your first order. In fact, once you have completed your order, you can choose the CONTINUE SHOPPING option which takes you back to the oder page and the order history. At this stage you can place another order for 250 business cards or the quanitity allowed for any of the other products available.