Pat and Keith Notman are the owners and operators of Show Guides Unlimited. Over the past 40 years they have successfully operated and been involved in several small businesses. Their business experience, most particularly in the arts and crafts industry gives them an understanding of the unique challenges that small business owners face every day. They realized after running a craft show business and attending many shows over a few years that although there were publications around that were attempting to provide show information, none of them covered all of the different types of shows and venues. The accurate and up to date information they required to plan their show schedules was unavailable and Pat was spending a lot of hours online trying to track down new shows and venues to attend.

That was where the idea came for a new and fresh publication to fill that void! The first edition of Show Guides Unlimited was published in December of 2006 covering the upcoming 2007 show year. It was an instant success, largely due to collegues and friends in the Craft Business. Show Guides Unlimited has improved year after year and is now one of the most relied upon source of show information in the craft industry.

Contact Information:

Show Guides Unlimited
3350 Fairview St., Suite 3-313B
Burlington, Ont L7N 3L5

(905) 464-7469