One of your most important marketing tools at a craft show is your booth presentation. It only takes a few seconds for your potential customer to decide whether to walk by or to enter your booth. Getting their attention quickly is essential and your booth needs to entice curiosity and interest in your product. There are several essential elements to consider.

Lighting is extremely important. Angle lights towards feature areas within your booth and make sure that the overal lighting makes it easy to see everything in your space. There are a lot of different types of lighting solutions available. Clip on lamps, rope lights, florescent and halogen lights are all very useful. Clip on lamps can be used for overhead lighting or to direct light onto particular parts of your display. Rope lights and florescent lights are good for display cases and shelving. When setting up your lighting, think about how you can avoid shadows. Lighting your display from different angles will help. This is where clip on lights are really useful.

Display equipment should be light, attractive and portable. Use vertical as well as floor space to show off your product.

Use “colour grouping” to draw your customer’s eye towards certain areas and items. As an example, if you are displaying clothing, group similar colours together on your racks or shelving. Colour is a basic, visual element that all of us respond to. Don’t underestimate the selling advantage you have when you appeal to customers with colour.

If your product can be demonstrated, it is an excellent way to draw attention and increase sales. Set up a small area within your booth to show how your product is made or used. Be animated and interested in your products and your customer. Connect with them without intimidating them. Share your personal story – most people love to hear how you started your craft business and how you make your products. Take the time to develop the ability to know when people want to talk and when they don’t. Above all, never ignore potential customers by sitting at the back of your booth reading a book or staring at them while they wander around.

Signage is an excellent way to quickly communicate with your customers and draw their attention to your booth. Try to determine what customers want to know and answer their questions through effective signage. Questions such as product prices, products and colours available can easily be answered through signs. The signs should appear professional and attractive and proper layout and colours are important. Sloppy or messy hand-written messages can work in the opposite way.

Easy access and room to move around the booth freely, encourages people to stay and browse. There should be a natural progression from the point of entry to the point they exit your booth. Feeling crowded and without an obvious way out, are one of the things that you should try to avoid. People don’t like to feel trapped or overwhelmed. They will quickly become frustrated and leave your booth as fast as possible. The idea is to make it as easy as possible for your potential customers to browse your booth and purchase your product. Have the cash register near the exit point in your booth.

Keep your booth neat, clean and without a lot of clutter. Make sure that your shelves are well stocked and nicely arranged. Empty spaces on your shelves can make potential customers assume that you are running out of stock and won’t have the one thing they are looking for. Organize your back up stock so that you can access it easily and quickly. Your customer will appreciate your ability to find them the right size or colour when they ask for it and won’t walk away feeling as though you have wasted their time.